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Guidance Policy

Our aim is to teach children in an ongoing, positive and simple way the consequences of inappropriate behaviors. Some of SunDance Day Care's positive child guidance methods include:

Natural or logical consequences - help children understand there are consequences to inappropriate behavior.

Redirection - is the interrupting of an inappropriate activity and involving the child in a more appropriate choice.

Active Listening - allows the child to explain the problem or concern she/he has and lets the child know that his/her feelings and needs are important and respected.

Rules - we have three simple, clear, and developmental appropriate rules that help the children learn the difference between right and wrong.

1) Be Kind! 2) Be Safe! 3) Be Neat!

I-Messages - are statements by teachers that explain how the children's actions make them feel.

Conflict resolution - are steps taken when resolving conflict between children.

Positive direction - are statements used instead of using "don't" commands. Directing children to do what we want them to do as opposed to what we don't want them to do.

True choices - allows children to choose amongst three things of relatively equal value.

Medications Policy

Medications are to be kept in locked containers located in the fridge and beside fridge in cabinet. To administer meds staff must have a valid First Aid Certificate. Sundance Day Care will administer or allow the administration of medication to a child only where the written consent of the child's parent has been obtained, the medication is in the original labeled container, and the medication is administered according to the labeled directions. Where medication is administered to a child, Sundance Day Care will ensure that the following information is recorded: the name of the medication; the time of administration; the amount administered; and the initials of the person who administered the medication. Staff will also ensure that their personal medications are either locked in these containers or in the office lockers.

SunDance Day Care will ensure that a sick child is kept as far away as is practicable from the other children, and is directly supervised by a primary caregiver. Parents will be notified and required to remove the child immediately if a child exhibits any of the following symptoms:

Fever of 101 F (38.3 C) Diarrhea New or unexplained cough Difficult or rapid breathing Conjunctivitis Unusual spots or rashes Vomiting Yellowish color to the eyes/skin Difficulty in swallowing Lice (child can not return to program until 2 treatments have been given and no nits are present)

Or any other symptoms, which, in the opinion of the caregiver, indicate the possible presence of an illness such as chicken pox, measles, etc. Parents will be notified of illnesses affecting the children at the center.

A child with a potential health risk (illness) will not be readmitted into care until the period of contamination has passed and until the child has fully recovered from his or her illness (symptom free for 24hrs). Parents of all children in care are required to complete and submit to the caregiver a child medical report (ie. physician's note).

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