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**Changes to menu are posted up on parent board above the children's lockers.

WEEK 1 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
AM SNACK Vanilla/Strawberry Yogurt, Oatmeal cookies, Water Apples Slices, Granola Bars, Water Apple/Strawberry Breakfast Bars, Bananas, Water Rice cakes, Oranges, Water Bagels With Cream cheese, Mandarin Oranges, Water/Milk
LUNCH Baked Ham, Corn, Brown Rice, Soya Sauce, Milk Pepperoni Pizza, Cucumbers, Carrots, Milk Spaghetti and meatballs, Cesar Salad, Milk Fish Sticks, Mashed Potatoes, Mixed Vegs., Milk Chicken noodle soup, Buns with cheese, Carrots, Milk
PM SNACK Oranges, Animal Crackers, Water Digestive cookies, Bananas, Water Cantaloupe, Whole Wheat, Vegetable crackers, Water Apples, Blueberry Flax Biscuits, Water Graham Crackers, Dried Cranberries, Water
WEEK 2 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
AM SNACK Multi-grain, Cheerios, Bananas, Milk, Water Yogurt, Granola and dried cranberries, Water Oranges, Waffle wafers, Milk, Water Apple sauce, Graham crackers, Water Arrowroot cookies, Oranges, Water/Milk
LUNCH Brown rice, Sausages, Carrots, Celery, Soya sauce, Milk Grilled cheese sandwiches, Tomato Soup, Cucumbers and pickles, Milk Sheppard's pie, Hamburger, mashed potatoes, and mixed vegetable, Milk Chicken taco Salad, Romaine lettuce, salsa, cheese sour cream, Milk Ham/cheese Sandwiches, Granolas, Bananas, Milk
PM SNACK Whole wheat nachos with sour cream and salsa, Water Carrots, Celery, Cucumbers, Ranch dip, Crackers, Water Frozen pineapple, Cottage cheese, Soda crackers, Water Pretzels with Fish crackers, Dried cranberries, Kiwi slices, Water Teddy grahams, Apples, Water

Lethbridge Daycare
Lethbridge Daycare
Lethbridge Daycare